ADLIB style, made in Ibiza

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moda adlib ibiza

It's more than just a way of's a lifestyle that embodies the spirit of Ibiza.

The name comes from latin 'ad libitum' (as you please), which explain perfectly the concept of freedom of personal expression it is linked with.

The story attributes it's origin in the '70s to the Serbian Princess Smilja Mihailovic, almost mythological figure on the island, which she elected to 'her Kingdom' and contribute to its growth as a place of trends and unconventionality, of thought and morals.

ADLIB fashion was born and raised around the use of local clothes and fabrics... natural, light, finished with artisanal methods.
A remnant of the traditional clothing of the PitiĆ¼ses, which perfectly integrates with hippie influences, in vogue at the time on the island.

The Princess's idea was to bring in the fashion industry, which already was off to Ibiza, the clothes that were in the shops around the island.

As characteristic element, the white colour, symbol of Ibiza, suitable for sunlight here shines for much of the year.

From the 70s ADLIB fashion continues to be popular, and each year, the 'Pasarela Adlib' fashion show celebrates the origins and the current, extraordinary vitality.


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