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Ibiza in winter

ibiza inverno

Undisputed ruler of summer holidays in the Mediterranean, in winter time Ibiza remains an unexplored mistery, for those who doesn't live there.

Most of those working in Ibiza, at the end of the season take flight towards the well-deserved holiday, after having kept the insane pace that the island maintains at least until September.

What happens then, when most of people leave and tourists arrivals decrease sensibly?

The island is emptied, life slows down, the days (and nights) are getting shorter, it is true ... but who remain or those who arrive, Ibiza is offered in all its mysterious beauty and there is always something to do.

So why not think of Ibiza as a possible destination, even for the winter time? Maybe on a weekend or during the year-end holidays?

Let's start by saying that the island is blessed with the typical Mediterranean climate, milder even in winter, although there are days of rain and temperature drop (but usually don't go below 10 degrees).

You can then fully enjoy the island in all its tranquility and beauty, strolling along deserted beaches, doing sports, perhaps visiting the corners the island hides in the crazyness of summer time and attending the night clubs that stay open, eventually enjoying a drink without struggling with the summer crowds.

Many restaurants, bars and shops shut down to a well deserved and physiological rest or take a few months off to renew for the next season. Many, but not all.

Mythical Pacha, fro instance, do not ever take a break continue its all-year-round holidays calendar and theme nights.  

As well as  Cafe del Mar, the historic bar of San Antonio worldwide famous, never goes close for vacation.

Many bars stay open in the area of Plaza del Parque, the delightful square in the heart of Ibiza town, where Teatro Pereira, for example, in winter still remains a reference point for those who want to drink and listen to good music.

The popular hippy markets Las Dalias and San Joan are always in business, a sign that even in winter Ibiza won't abdicate his free and convivial spirit.

Only problem: the number of low cost flights decrease and prices raise ... but you can always find an available seat!

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